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When choosing a Dog Trainer and or Behaviourist it is important to know the qualifications and experience of the person you entrust with your dog.

Sian has owned and trained her own dogs for over 30 years, first in Obedience where in the early days she regularly competed in competitive Obedience with her dogs. Since her move to Scotland she has concentrated on Showing and Agility for fun, training a number of our current dogs.

Before moving to Scotland Sian regularly helped out at training classes in North Wales, and following her move to Benderloch started the Oban and District Dog Training Club with some fellow interested friends. Sian is now Head Instructor and organiser at these classes.

As more knowledge has become available Dog Training has changed over the past number of years, with kinder more effective training methods being used as research in this area has been developed.

Sian regularly attends Training sessions, Workshops and Seminars given by some of the top dog trainers and behaviourist from both the U K and the world.


    Cathrine O’Driscoll - Foundation in Canine Healthcare Weekend and Course, Ayr, May 2013

  • Dave Davies - 2 Day Tracking and Scenting weekend, Kilmelford, April 2013
  • ‘Woof’ European 2 day Training and Behaviour Conference, Milton Keynes, Feb 2013
  • Graisha Stewart -  2 day - Behaviour Adjustment Training, Manchester, November 2012
  • Morag Heirs - Introduction to Rally Obedience, Dunoon October 2012

    Val Borland - Introduction to Tellington Touch (Canine Massage), Glasgow, October 2012

    Ian Dunbar - 3 day - Science Based Dog Training (with Feeling), Edinburgh, July 2012

    Patricia B McConnell PhD - 2 day - Dog Aggression and For The Love of a Dog, Edinburgh, Sep 2011

    Sarah Whitehead - 2 day - Canine Body Language and Behaviour Modification, Edinburgh, Nov 2009

    Nina Bondarenko BA, SAC - 2 day - Fear and Phobias, Bridge of Earn, Perth, Oct 2009

    Barbara Sykes - 1 day - Thinking Like Canines, Action 4 Dogs, North Middleton Village Hall, Oct 2009

    John Rogerson - 2 day- In Search of a better life - Acquiring and living with a Rescue Dog, West Calder, Jun 2009

    John Rogerson - 4-day - Crime Scene Investigations, Searching and Tracking, Edinburgh  July 2009

    John Rogerson - 2 day - Introduction to Scenting and Tracking, Perth, July 2009

    John Rogerson - 2 day - Canine Aggression, Dog to Dog, Dog to Person, Perth, July 2009

    Turid Rugaas - 2 day - Canine Communication and Handling Skills - Action 4 Dogs, Edinburgh, Oct 2008

    John Rogerson - 5 day - Training, Handling and Instructing Course, Darlington Dog’s Trust, Aug 2008


Sian has also studied Animal Behaviour at Glasgow College, completing modules in Animal Welfare, Animal Behaviour and Animals in Society

Sian is also student member of the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors Scheme and is studying Intermediate Canine Physiology with the Animal Care College.

Sian is a Kennel Club instructor and examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen schemes and examines at clubs throughout the area.

Sian is also an experienced Dog Breeder breeding and showing her Border Collies under the Sianworth affix, she has owned / bred 4 Show Champions to date (July 2013) and has won at Crufts with her dogs.

Sian is a Championship Show judge, awarding Challenge Certificates (Champion Certificates) in the breed.

Over the years Sian has had a number of rescue dogs and has helped foster dogs for Argyll Animal Aid.

If you are interested in studying Canine Behaviour, Sian would be happy to advise you on available courses, please contact Sian : sian@happypawsoban.co.uk


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